Busy Doing

Gosh, how time flies! Not had the chance to blog for a while; I’ve been busy doing, doing this, that, that and this.

However, throughout all my ‘doing’s’ I have continued to be vigilant with myself and self-scrutinise. I usually do this as I’m working my way through the day, (chatting to myself and my dog a lot!), reflecting on my feelings and reactions to things while out walking and, of course, my night time diary, inventory if you like.

There are times during the day when my chatter-brain tells me that “you would have had a drink now”, “you would have needed a drink to deal/cope with this before”. I would then think of the aftermath of what ‘that drink’ would have given and left – complete devastation and chaos, in fact not one positive. I remind myself that there is nothing that I cannot deal with sober and that having a drink will improve; the very opposite.

People often ask me what have I been doing recently – my honest answer is Living My Life the best I can. Sobriety is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I take pleasure from the fact that I no longer miss drinking, even on special occasions when people are having a toast, or when things are going badly wrong.
Sobriety gives me everything alcohol promised. Thank you sobriety – bloody love you!

One thought on “Busy Doing

  1. Excellent..L.A.H…
    You should put all these posts together
    and write a book..I feel sure it would do well…keep going. ..love it/and you. .H.K.E..XX


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