This word carries a DANGER warning.

Complacency in recovery is not an attitude alcoholics can afford, it can be extremely dangerous. It can occur gradually and creep up unnoticed.  As time passes we get so used to our sober lives that we can start to put distance between our ‘new’ selves and the ‘old’ ones and the negative experiences of our drinking days.  Potentially, this can lead us to stop doing what we were doing in the beginning to become sober. It is like removing an essential ingredient from a cake recipe, the cake may finish up a disaster.

Don’t take your sober life for granted. Don’t stop doing the things that have been keeping you away from alcohol. Don’t forget how bad things were before recovery. Don’t become overly confident and believe that success at remaining sober is now assured. Alcohol is not a problem that needs fixing and once fixed means we’re cured.

Today I feel confident that I understand my deficits as well as my assets, and will act rationally.  Confident that I have, and aim to continue to build a successful life away from addiction.
This confidence is not complacency, but an attitude that if I continue doing the things that has led me to success so far they will help to keep me on this wonderful path of sobriety. I will not allow my sobriety to become a habit or taken for granted. I will continue to work to maintain it.

There is no cure for a ‘drinking problem’.  Alcohol would love nothing more than to lure you back in to its net.

HOLD ON TIGHT TO THE NOVELTY OF SOBRIETY.  It will forever be a work in progress.



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