I have neglected our garden for years, particularly during sunny days, not good as it needs alot of tending. There are a couple of reasons for this.

One is we seem to have an abundance of frogs and I am terrified of them; much to the amusement of my family who enjoy tormenting me about it!

The second is that during my drinking days I would spend hours gardening with mug of wine hidden in the bushes. Weed, sip, weed, sip so on and so forth. By the time the family arrived home I would be three sheets to the wind, and wouldn’t be able to remember under which bush I’d hidden the wine. Perennial Pimms O’clock!

But ta-da over the last 2 weeks I have reignited my enjoyment of being in the garden and have set about doing an immense amount of work – without the Pimms pull or Chablis call. It has been wonderful. No anxiety or panic about discovery of my hidings, no collapsing at 7 in a drunken slump, no panic attacks or paranoia the next morning, no frantic searching the next day trying to find where I’d hidden bottles, mugs etc. The horrors of THEN mercifully gone.

The night after my first day of sober gardening I had a drinking dream. I haven’t had a drinking dream for years. I woke up in a real tizzy. What relief I felt knowing it was just a dream is indescribable.

Viva the joy of sober and guilt free gardening……..

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