Who I Was NOT Who I Am

It is extremely hurtful and bloody annoying when a person/s cannot avoid the temptation of reminding you about an incident that occurred during your darkest drinking days. Not just once but virtually every time you see them.  Why?  It is cruel.

Refuse to be a participant in their game, the game that will usually be the ‘poor me’, ‘look what you put me through’, ‘you should feel guilty about how you made me feel’.

It is important though to acknowledge my feelings, and not suppress them.  This can be self-detrimental.

Remorse will always be present about the past, BUT I AM NO LONGER THAT PERSON……..

Shame is a little whip always carried.  This whip which I am more than capable of stinging myself with, I do not need the help of others.  However, self-acceptance and self-love provides the strength to dump that whip and take control of my own emotions, not allowing others to try and take that control.

I am thankful for difficult people in my life, as they will show me exactly who I do not want to be.

Anyone who limits her vision to memories of yesterday is already dead.  – Lily Langry

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