You stole my opportunity to experience loving someone more than yourself.

You stole from me the experience of joy and left me and those I love with nothing but pain.

Your accomplishments would fill a mother with pride, your hope and patience is second to none. Though in reality you brought my mother tears and heartache; you are to be feared with admirable respect for your power.

You made my life hard, ensuring that I said and did things to hurt or confuse people. You used me to satisfy your evil desires.

But I am now free! Grateful to be one of the lucky ones who has escaped from your strangling, suffocating, deathly grasp.

I have learnt to be proud and live up to my responsibilities. I live hoping that my smile warms the hearts of those I love, delighting in their happiness and laughter – things you tried to steal from me.

My memories of the bad times have turned into important lessons. The good times, and there are so many, are precious memories to be treasured and relived.

I will always be alert to your stealthy presence; I am not fooled.

You will always be part of me, and my past, but what the future holds you are not.

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