I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend.  I wonder how many people are waking up this Monday morning suffering from the effects of an over indulgent one?

Problem drinking can happen to anyone, discretely creeping up on you like a sniper in the dark, and then BOOM you’ve been sniped.

It is not selective or exclusive.

It has no morals or cares for anyone or anything other than to continue on its merry way to cause upset, heartache, destruction and sometimes leading to a person’s death.

It intensifies, fuels, breeds and exacerbates any feelings a person may have of inadequacy, paranoia, guilt and insecurity.

It distorts your mind so that you live in completely denial that it has you trapped.

It will have you lying, deceiving, endlessly breaking promises, and portraying of trust.

I know because I experienced all of this. I was a victim and because of this so were my family.

However, once upon a time I was a person who believed problem drinkers were people sitting on park benches with bottles of cider, stereotypes;  NOT someone like me. I was amongst the crowds of judgemental and intolerant people towards ‘drunks’, feeling safe in the belief that that would never happen to me. Little did I know, many years later I would be, the smug intolerance wiped off my face like the harshest slap I’ve ever experienced.  An experience that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

I have learnt that there are no VIP’s in this club; its members can be anyone, from any profession or walk of life.  Today I have tolerance and sympathy for anyone who ends up its slave.

I dedicate today’s blog to everyone who I have met along my journey but especially those who are still in its trap or have lost their lives to this demon.

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