I need to get something off my chest – teenage drinking.

Being a mum of teenagers this is something that concerns me and a subject I have strong views about.  My husband and I have had several heated discussions around this topic! However, before I begin I need to emphasise that I have absolutely no issues with anyone drinking and applaud anyone that can drink in a controlled and managed way.

One of the main concerns I have is the expectation that teenagers will drink irresponsibly and behave in a predicted stereotyped manner thereby fulfilling this expectation. The very words “they’re teenagers so what do you expect” infuriates me.

Consider that perhaps it’s this expectation teenagers are living up to, the expectation perpetuating the consumption and predicted behaviours. Granted, teenagers are drinking less than our generation, and I’m aware not all teenagers will or do drink excessively, but it’s an area that does continue to concern me.

The fact that parents are providing freely available alcohol to other people’s children at their child’s 14th birthday, without informing parents’ beforehand beggars belief and I feel is totally irresponsible, (learnt from experience; and I’m not naïve enough to not be aware that teenagers do sneak alcohol).

Wouldn’t it be better to nurture our children without this age old expectation of them drinking to enjoy themselves, and that life and parties are fun without it?  Educating young people on the negative effects of this highly addictive mind altering substance and how, as well as being pleasurable, it can affect people it different ways, and NOT necessarily due to excessive consumption. Child A can drink and get giggly, Child B can drink and become volatile and aggressive, Child C can drink and feel invincible; how alcohol contorts an individual’s state of mind.

This also leads to my quest to normalise sober drinking for all.
Let’s protect our future generations.

Suggestions anyone….?

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