‘When life throws you lemons make lemonade’ – that saying often leaves a sour taste in my mouth, excuse the pun! As most of us know things aren’t always that straight forward and sometimes we need help with the recipe and how to turn those ghastly lemons into lemonade.
This was certainly the case with me when I had eventually decided that I had experienced far too many rock bottoms, failed attempts at quitting the booze and was lucky that I hadn’t run out of chances with life and my loving family. Boom hallelujah ‘A lightbulb moment’ – I needed help!
Let’s be honest – and realistic – life at times can be fucking shit! But, I have learnt that whatever life throws at me there is nothing, N.O.T.H.I.N.G., that can be helped by drink, (other than a cup of tea obviously, (oh! and chocolate and cake)).
Asking for help and accepting it was imperative for my recovery, although not always easy.   Through alcohol I had developed an attitude and behaviours that prevented me from accepting outside help; alcohol induced insanity, for example the belief that I could defend the fact that I hadn’t had a drink, thereby denying I had a problem, (I’ll talk about ‘Denial’ in the future). Through the help of therapy I learnt to ask for help and accept it; and was patiently taught the recipe for lemonade.

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