Glass Half Full

Are you a glass half full or half empty type of person? I like to think of myself as the former.   Never mind the glass my washing basket seems to be permanently half full if not over-flowing!! I keep wondering if I’ve not yet met everyone who lives here! This is a great example of my ordinary life, a life of an ordinary mum, and do you know what I bloody love it! What’s even nicer is the fact that once upon a time I detested my life and all the obligations and duties that came with it. Thankfully I no longer feel like this. It took a month of intense therapy in an acute psychiatric hospital and months of psychiatry sessions to get here but it was worth every agonising second and tear shed. (It wasn’t all doom and gloom I had some bloody good laughs too and made some lifelong friends).

Coming out of rehab and going home I remember feeling absolutely petrified. Leaving my safe haven full of people who I had learned to trust, support and heal my very being.

Looking back over my diaries from then I was still very much an emotional wreck. I had climbed one mountain by completing my rehab but there were more to conquer out in the real world and it took a huge amount of work and effort to keep my glass half full.
One day I may share my diary entries but at the moment I’m not ready. It has been an extraordinary journey!

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