Belly Button Day

Booze for Chocolate – the desire for all things sweet!  This was me back in 2014 when I began my sober journey.  I went from rarely eating desserts and chocolate to not being able to stop! I am known as the fruit and nut queen – bloody adore it!  I have also developed a love of cream, but as I was recently told “you won’t get lean on cream”!
Today in my diary it states that its ‘Belly Button Day’! I have a diary that on various days has random hilarious things; e.g. ‘Celebrate a banana day, Ridiculously long scarf day’ and one of my favourites ‘wink suggestively at people day’!!. These amuse my childlike sense of humour. Anyhow back to Belly Button Day….this started me thinking about my belly button, and the stomach that surrounds it!
My stomach has been through hell over the years, and that’s without taking pregnancy into account. Shivers run down my spine at the memories of my belly hurting from endless bouts of retching (apologies for my bluntness);  these days it only aches from laughter or fitness sessions.  Poor Stomach has been the victim of the drunken jelly belly years which were replaced by weight gain from sugar cravings. However, I was happy to have sugar cravings over alcohol cravings.
To put your minds at ease, assuming they are uneasy, I am enjoying the pleasures (an pain) of being a member of a fit camp, which has enabled me to reclaim my stomach and now have a clear view of my belly button. My sugar cravings have lessened,  (now a cheat day treat), as I was assured they would.  I have new found energy, self confidence and I am enjoying the process of clean living and being fit and healthy. #reallife #lovelife

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