Where to Start?

I’ve never blogged before, but have decided to after recently following blogs about people who have quit the ‘booze’ and are now living a sober life.  Today, being Mothering Sunday, seemed to me to be a good day start start!  The photo I’ve used is from Mothering Sunday 2014 before I entered sobriety.  I cannot believe how my life, and those that I love, has changed since then.  I went into rehab on 16th August 2014, and can say with hand on heart I am eternally thankful to everyone who has helped me.  I have made some wonderful friends along the way.    We have shared my remorse and tears, (boy did I cry – in fact everyday for 28 days!!), and still continue with our friendships.

It has been tough, bloody tough at times!  Days when the “day at a time” has needed to be broken down into minutes.  But ‘SO WHAT’, the important thing is that it is achievable!

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